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Toto's story

On June 2nd, 2011, about 24 hours into the tornado recovery efforts, an unknown tree worker brought little Toto to the Brimfield Fire Station, where Jonathan was on duty with Brimfield Ambulance. After a brief conversation with the tree worker, it was obvious that Toto was found alone in an area of storm damaged trees in Brimfield.

Toto, who was obviously very young and only weighed six ounces, was cold and hungry. Jonathan and other EMS personnel cared for Toto throughout the day. It was determined that Toto was in need of veterinary care and the workers from the Animal Rescue League of Boston, who were in town helping out with a number of large animals who had been trapped or injured,  stepped in. Toto was taken to their facility where, despite being critically ill from his tornado ordeal, was passionately cared for and nursed back to health. Veterinarians who evaluated Toto felt that he was only 2-3 weeks old at the time he was found.

In August, Jonathan’s wife, Amy, surprised him and adopted Toto from the ARL. It was a joyous reunion. Toto had returned to Brimfield, where he belonged. Toto continues to live “comfortably” with Jonathan and Amy and, through his friendly nature, shows how grateful he is to have been saved. Toto has been an example of a positive outcome within such a tragic time.